A SNAP SHOT – Vending Management System

Vending Management System (VMS) make it easier for vending machine owners to run their businesses more efficiently. Remote machine monitoring is combined with optimization tools to help operators spend less, sell more, and run their businesses more efficiently. But how useful are vending management solutions for your company?

Vending management solutions track machine data remotely, allowing you to keep track of what’s going on with your machines even when you’re not there. This provides information on machine inventories. From your phone, computer, or tablet, you can see the inventory count for each slot in each machine. This eliminates the need for drivers to manually count product at a machine. Machine service time is reduced since you can pack exact product for machines ahead of time.

Operators that use a vending management system can expect better sales as well. A VMS can tell you which things sell well and which products don’t. You may quickly offer things that your customers appreciate and pull products that aren’t selling if you have this knowledge.

When a machine sells more merchandise, it quickly accumulates cash. It also signifies that items are selling out more quickly. Operators can use a Vending Management System (VMS) to examine how much of each product is left and how much money has been collected since the machine was last serviced. This data allows you to dynamically route your machines, so you only service them when they need to be replenished or money collected. Dynamic routing via a Vending Management System (VMS) allows you to collect nearly double the amount of money from your machines.

These are just few, but there are more for you to understand why you need a proper vending management system for your business. Talk to us!

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