Why you should choose cashless payment systems for vending machines?

Payments are made or accepted without hard cash for cashless transactions. This includes payments made via credit/debit cards, cheques, DD, NEFT, and RTGS or any other type of online payment that removes the requirement for cash.

Vending machines always offer faster service, a more comprehensive selection of products and 24/7 access. Nowadays, cashless payment is transforming the vending industry, with consumers increasingly short on cash and long on electronic payment means such as local debit or credit cards, mobile phones or digital wallets. The vending industry seeks to capture more impulse purchases and higher spending per consumer while maintaining margins through improved price-setting flexibility.

Cashless technology on vending machines makes paying easy and convenient for end-users who don’t carry cash. Furthermore, there are advantages for operators who have added these credit and debit card readers and mobile payment accepters. Using connected machines, operators can recoup connectivity fees, explore more efficient service techniques, add loyalty programs and evolve with the changing cashless payment options, including the upcoming push towards contactless payments.

Types of Cashless vending solutions

Contactless Card Payments

Credit card payments are the primary payment source these days, and more and more people opt-in for contactless payments, even for small purchases. Contactless cards have become available; therefore, cashless payments have become even more mainstream.

Mobile Vending Payments

Credit cards are on the rise, but different mobile payment options, such as wallets, Google or Apple pay, QR codes, prepaid apps, and others. Cashless is the next step in growing the vending business, and mobile payments are a must.

Loyalty Payments

Incentivize cashless payment options for close and open-loop vending environments, with loyalty schemes attached to a card or mobile app. Push promotions and different rewarding campaigns, and you can use your points instead of cash on the machine.

What about credit card vending

The credit card processor receives the payment clearing request for the gateway. The processor is the approval point for all credit card and debit card transactions. The credit card processor clears the transaction, and a signal is sent back to the vending machine through the payment gateway. The vending machine now knows whether to accept the card or deny the transaction.

Once a purchase has been made at the vending machine, the sale will be posted to the consumer’s credit card. The exact price of the selection will ultimately be charged to the patron’s credit card.

But here’s the kicker!

An interim charge larger than the actual vend transaction may be posted to a credit card. This higher credit card charge may happen on some transactions until final settlement in 24 to 48 hours. Now, this is the same thing that happens when one checks into a hotel with a credit card — a projected charge is “held” against the account until the customer has completed check out and the hotel settles all balances.


A credit card unit in a vending machine in pre-authorization mode will act similarly. When in pre-authorization, the vending transmission device will initiate a call for approval as soon as a card is presented. The approval amount will be for the highest-priced item in the vending machine.

Cashless payments vending solutions for your business


More and more people in the modern world tend to use credit cards and mobile wallets instead of cash. Mobile payment is rapidly increasing in purchasing several services. Adding cashless to the vending machines, you don’t have to depend on having spare cash and operate 24/7.

No revenue lost

Vending machine users usually often give up on their purchase intention as they don’t have change or the particular banknote needed. Add cashless payments to your vending machines, and don’t miss on purchases due to lack of spare cash.

Technology trends

You can differentiate yourself from other distributors and producers of vending machines by keeping up with the latest technology trends. Just increase your revenue per machine by offering different payment types supporting each customer preference.

An overview…

Consumers are searching for cashless vending solutions since they now opt to pay with credit cards or mobile apps everywhere. Vending machine operators who want to expand sales must stay ahead of the consumer trend. Here’s the deal, a large percentage of buyers found that it’s a huge frustration when they realize that their best payment option in your vending machine is limited/ not available. With cashless vending machines, you can avoid unhappy buyers but increase the probability of a client completing the purchase, thus raising their loyalty towards your vending business. So no more failing transactions with just cash and coins!

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