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We understand the modern needs and goals of vending machine businesses and obstacles faced by them. VendCell Systems offers software solutions to simplify and grow vending machine businesses parallel to the evolving needs and expectations of their industry and customers.

Our software solutions enable vending machine businesses and operators to stay on top of things with enhanced control and efficiency to increase sales, product and service availability, and customer satisfaction. Using realtime inventory and machine status tracking technology will ensure vending machines are well-stocked, functional, and under supervision, at all times while making them more convenient and user-friendly.

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Vendcell Vending Management System

Innovating Vending, Redefining Your Experience.


Eliminate Guesswork

Ensure uninterrupted availability of products and understand product demand using historical and real-time data-based analytics.


Optimal Inventory and Cash Control

Use VendCell’s real-time tracking abilities and historical sales data analytics to optimize inventory restocking and cash collection.


Reduce Machine Downtime

Ensure that your machines are fully operational at all times using SMS alerts for servicing needs such as product and change depletion, coin jamming, power outages, and machine malfunctions.


Monitor On-the-Go

VendCell’s mobile app enables managers and operators to monitor their businesses and operations from anywhere.

How VendCell Works

Our system optimizes vending operations, enhancing inventory management, sales tracking, and customer engagement for an efficient and profitable vending experience

Online Monitoring

VendCell brings all of your vending machines to your screen, enabling you to run your business from anywhere. 

Remote Management

Efficiently manage vending machines from one location or on the go using real-time updates and simplified processes.


Use online monitoring and past sales data analytics to optimize the stocking of machines and reduce restocking time and trips.

Cashless Vending

Brings flexibility, better customer satisfaction, more sales, and lower operational costs.


Start Using VendCell for Your Vending Machine Business

Optimize your vending business with VendCell’s innovative management solution.


Business Analysis

Our expert team conducts thorough assessments to understand your business needs, market trends, and objectives, ensuring a tailored vending solution for optimal performance and profitability.



Leveraging advanced technology, we design and configure the vending system to seamlessly integrate with your operations, enhancing efficiency, inventory management, and customer satisfaction.


User Training

We empower your team with comprehensive training sessions, equipping them with the skills and knowledge to operate and manage the vending system effectively, maximizing its benefits and ease of use.


our frequently asked question

VendCell is a modern vending machine software solution that transforms your simple vending machines into intelligent devices that transmit data to secure servers. You and your team can then access that data related to inventory, cash, and overall health of each machine to ensure that they are up and running at all times while optimizing your operations and processes.

VendCell also uses your past and present sales data to provide valuable analytics and insights so that you can eliminate guesswork when managing the inventory of each vending machine. You will easily identify unique trends of even the smallest customer bases and stock machines accordingly. Furthermore, you will be able to effectively plan restocking and maintenance visits to minimize downtime and wastage using our analytics.

VendCell connects to each of your vending machines through their serial ports. From that moment, each machine transmits data related to inventory, cash, and general machine status to our secure servers. You and your team can then securely log in to the VendCell website or vending machine mobile application to monitor and manage your operations.

VendCell is for vending machine businesses that are looking to use modern technology to grow themselves and simplify operations. Our vending machine monitoring software enables you and your team to remotely monitor vending machines and attend to their needs and plan future maintenance and servicing activities. That isn’t all! VendCell also helps businesses improve customer satisfaction by helping avoid inventory and cash depletion, downtimes, and offering alternative payment options.

Remote online monitoring and management using the web or mobile application, instant alerts notifying of inventory and cash depletion and maintenance issues, sales data analytics and insights to eliminate guesswork, and cashless payment options are some key features that VendCell offers. You can learn more about our features here.

Using software to monitor and manage vending machines offers many benefits. The following are some key advantages of using VendCell:

  • Monitor and Manage From Anywhere
  • Increases Sales and Faster Growth
  • Simplifies Processes
  • Highly Efficient Operations
  • Better Customer Satisfaction
  • Improves Visibility
  • Better Cash Control
  • Minimizes Wastage
  • Minimizes Downtime
  • More Payment Options (Cashless Payments)

VendCell runs on most vending machine brands, makes, and models. However, if you want to make sure that our application is compatible with your machines, feel free to get in touch with us.

We understand the value of your data. VendCell’s databases are located on highly secure servers and we enforce strict procedures to ensure the security of data related to your business.

We understand the value of your data. VendCell’s databases are located on highly secure servers and we enforce strict procedures to ensure the security of data related to your business.

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