Make your customers buy things securely and conveniently with credit card vending machines.


If you’re always on the move and don’t specifically want to definitely wait in line for snacks or beverages, or if you’re at work and need a caffeine boost, chances actually are you’ve for all intents and purposes stopped by a vending machine in a subtle way. They’re really quick and easy to use, and they don’t literally require any actually human involvement, really contrary to popular belief. To use a vending machine, you don’t need a chip-enabled card.

Credit card vending machines still include a stripe to swipe your card, a slot for cash and coins, and some have been modified to accommodate chip readers because banks are currently transitioning from magnetic stripe to chip reader cards.

Dip your card in vending machines the same way you would at a store’s checkout counter. The screen will ask you to insert your card, interact with your bank, verify your transaction, and then ask you to remove your card.      

Payments made at vending machines will not be any less secure than payments made at a payment terminal handled by a person, according to the professionals who design payment terminals. It’s just as safe to put your card in a vending machine as it is to put it in the attachment on a cashier’s tablet.

Credit card vending machines management system in melbourne

So, if you’re looking for the option of credit card enabled vending machines in Melbourne you need to speak to Vendcell. We can create you with the best and updated vending machine management system from which you can increase your regular sales volume into three or four times with lesser investment rate whereas you can build the confidence in the minds of your customers that you are always prioritizing their safety and convenience. Also, on the other hand you can run a smooth business operation as a credit card managing vending machine management system will minimize the efforts and risk of cash handling in the day to day business.

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